Welcome to Xross Investment. A Private by invitation only, an online platform linking serious investors with real financial growth opportunities that realize above-market returns on physical assets. The platform hosts two categories of asset opportunities from several regions of the world. These categories are:

1) Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnership Projects.

2) Private assets and Companies.

First-category returns are typically high single digit to double digit, while all second-category returns are in double-digit range on physical assets that are owned and controlled by the investor. These physical assets can be real estate, oil fields, commodities, shipping vessels, aircraft, factories…etc. The Platform is linked with US and UK sourcing agents and associates in other countries providing it with these mostly off-market opportunities from around the world. Investment opportunities posted shall start at $ 50,000 USD and have no upper limit.

The unique distinguishing benefit of the platform is that, prior to posting an opportunity to investors, each deal is rigorously cross-checked by our associates on the ground for an in-depth due diligence review. All postings from outside our network are reviewed and cross-checked by either international accounting firms, CRE professional firms (e.g. Colliers |Utah in the United States), or international banking and financing institutions. Furthermore, full details of the expected investment costs to the investor are included in this review along with the net expected return (before tax), allowing the investor to make a speedy decision. Qualified investors face no fee for joining the Platform. All that is required from an investor is to either to purchase or post one new deal per year to continue participating in accessing the Platform.

Please contact us for any question: